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Silver is the most famous precious metal in the world, which is the most popular category due to its characteristics such as brilliance, rarity, and antimicrobial properties. It has been used by humans for centuries to make all kinds of decorations and dishes. Making silver rosaries in various designs and sizes has been done for years and is suitable for gift decoration.

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تسبیح نقره

تسبیح نقره

تسبیح نقره

تسبیح نقره

تسبیح نقره

تسبیح نقره

تسبیح نقره

تسبیح نقره



تسبیح نقره




The silver rosary has high quality and first class and is one of the unique and unrepeatable works with high manufacturing quality. In all-silver rosaries, the thread and its tassels are also silver. It will not be possible to repeat and reorder this style of work if it is sold.

What is silver and what are its uses?

Throughout history, humans are always discovering and using nature. The nature of the earth will not only be related to the plants and trees that are on it. In fact, inside the earth, it is rich in minerals that are created over millions of years in natural and geographical processes in such a way that they will no longer resemble the original material. .

How is silver created?

Stones and minerals are considered as earth's resources for humans, most of them are created from the center of the earth by burning and melting. In general, with the production of gases in the ground and the pressures from volcanoes, it will come out in the form of melt. Silver is also in this form, but the only difference is that it has the ability to dissolve with other minerals and salts in the earth's crust.

The molten material will be cooled by the oxygen of the earth's surface. And then it becomes solid and is placed among the stones. In general, the origin of most metals is the earth's core, which has a temperature equivalent to 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (equivalent to 93 to 204 degrees Celsius); Therefore, it will be completely melted. Since every element retains the characteristics of that environment even if it leaves its original environment, if it turns into a solid form, it has the possibility of melting again if conditions arise.





Healing properties of silver:

Before the discovery of antibacterials, nitrate colloid nasal drops were used to fight infections. This drop is useful for relatively few infections and is still used for eye infections in babies. Today, in creams, nanosized silver particles are also used, while it has more of an advertising aspect. The psychological effects of silver are greatly exaggerated as it will cure mental illnesses. This issue is scientifically invalid. The only evidence found is the presence of salt in silver, which is confirmed to be antibacterial.

The meaning of the rosary

The rosary is used for praying and saying zikr. With rosary beads, prayers are recited aloud or in mind. Relying on rosary beads to keep track of how many times you have recited a particular prayer allows you to clear your mind and meditate more effectively on your prayer, your wish, and even your desire.
However, there is evidence that in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam, there were traditions for counting prayers, and in the past, counting prayers was done with pebbles.
In these religions, they made a string of beads to count prayers, which is the same as today's rosary.

In the religion of Islam, we Muslims use the rosary to remember the name of God during prayer and prayer.


Using a silver rosary

Scientists and scholars agree that the use of silver is especially effective and pleasant for men. The silver rosary is one of the precious and spiritual ornaments that are usually bought by many young men and women.
The color silver is often associated with wealth and prestige. When used in art and design, it usually conveys a sense of glamor and elegance.
Silver is a wonderful and versatile piece of jewelry and always often portrays creativity and innovation along with a sense of modernity and wealth.
Such a prominent advantage works especially well in a corporate or business environment in showing respect and responsibility.
Linking health and spirituality with each other in the silver rosary means the combination of classic and modernity, and at the same time seriousness and youthful spirit.


The countless effects and benefits of silver rosary

With a little more research into the properties of silver, I discovered some interesting highlights.
The health and spiritual properties of silver for the human body and mind are undeniable. We will introduce them below.

Health properties of silver rosary

One of the recommendations of health scientists is the use of silver jewelry, which is considered the best way to benefit from the excellent properties of silver.
Improves blood circulation and body heat
Using jewelry and silver ornaments is healing. This noble and beautiful metal protects against infections, promotes blood flow and circulation, and regulates body heat.
It can also protect against severe electrical disturbances and shocks because it is conductive.
Silver protects you against radiation and electromagnetic waves.
By creating a positive charge, silver ions act as a shield to prevent electromagnetic radiation from entering the body.
Silver interacts with the skin's natural conductivity and thus protects it from electrical disturbances. These properties of silver are very useful for those who use laptops or other electronic devices for long hours.


Silver helps maintain emotional balance

As mentioned above, silver promotes healthy heat distribution in the body. It maintains the energy level and emotional balance within the normal range.
Silver prevents anxiety, chronic depression, mood swings and promotes mental health.
Silver increases the elasticity of blood vessels
Silver to flexible

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راهنمای خرید طلا در بورس

مهندس مهدی جوکار(کارشناس بازار سرمایه و بازرگانی): با خرید طلا در بورس همزمان دارایی خود را تبدیل به یک دارایی قابل اعتماد کرده اید و همچنین از نگهداری فیزیکی طلا که ممکن است مشکلات خود را داشته باشد در امان هستید،

شمش نقره

شمش نقره فروشگاه کافه سیلور

تسبیح نقره

کاربرد تسبیح نقره در حقیقت تسبیح یکی از زیباترین و پرکاربردترین وسیله در زندگی روزمره ما است که در کارهای مختلفی از راز و نیاز گرفته تا شمارش و هدیه به دوست و ... از آن استفاده می کنیم. تسبیح در ابعاد و جنس های مختلفی تهیه می شود که در اینجا به بررسی خواص تسبیح نقره و چگونگی خرید آن می پردازیم. امروزه زیبایی و جذابیت تسبیح نسبت به گذشته افزایش پیدا کرده است، لذا اگر می خواهید در این باره اطلاعات بیشتری کسب کنید لازم است ادامه مطلب را بررسی کنید.