Men's silver chain

Silver men's chain

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Check your silver men's chain for what is known as a hallmark. The numerals "925" indicate that the chain contains 92.5% pure silver. Other marks may be "sterling silver", "ester" or "sterling".

Buy fine silver men's chains

There are different types of chains from Cartier to Venetian and Depilmat, but many people prefer to buy men's chains, which are elegant and have a more reasonable price. According to today's generations and people's interest in buying this type of chains, we offer gold and silver chains that have high color quality and stable color. Fixed color men's steel chain, besides being elegant, the price is very reasonable. It is also involved in the products, that's why we recommend each of them to you.


Markings are usually found on the hook or end loop of the chain. Hold a magnet above your chain. Silver is not magnetic, so if your chain pulls towards a magnet, it is not real silver. Compare your silver chain with an item of similar weight that you know is made of real silver. If the weight is the same, your silver chain is most likely genuine.


Nowadays, the use of all kinds of gold and silver jewelry has become common among Iranian men and women, and since the price of a small piece of gold has skyrocketed without any concessions or compliments, it is natural that the silver market is more excited and noisy. be in proportion to his past. One of the most popular silver products in the opinion of fashionable and tasteful men are men's silver chains, for which it is better to spend a little patience and follow the twenty list in the rest of this article to provide you with a series of tips. Simple but important to buy men's silver chains.

What points should you pay attention to when buying men's silver chains?

Be sure to buy from reputable stores.

Fixed color men's chains

Various metals are used in the manufacture of men's chains, and we have a variety of steel men's chains available at Kalai Tek store. In making men's chains, there is usually not much difference between steel and silver (in terms of color durability and resistance). Sometimes steel chains are even better than silver chains and may be the best option for you.

Due to the nature of silver metal, silver chains are much softer than steel, and the possibility of tearing, scratching, or bending is higher than men's steel chains. On the other hand, silver metal has a higher price and value than steel chains, so for example, a thick steel chain that costs 400,000 Tomans, the exact same weight and texture as silver may cost more than 5 million Tomans. Having said that, we suggest buying men's chains with steel material.




زنجیز مردانه



زنجیر مردانه





زنجیر مردانه

زنجیر مردانه

زنجیر مردانه




زنجیر مردانه





its weight

The next important factor for choosing a men's silver chain is related to the weight of this model of wire jewelry. However, men's head and neck muscles are generally stronger than women's, but you should not be fooled by this superiority and start using heavy chains on your neck;

Remember that the problem of the neck disc and the problems that arise in this area are very difficult to solve, and for this reason, it is better to start using chains that have the right thickness and the length you want, and are light in weight.


The price of men's steel chains

If you intend to buy men's chains, perhaps one of the most important options for a good and pleasant choice for you is the price of men's chains. Men's chains have a huge price difference according to the type of texture and design, the type of lock, the thickness and weight of the chain and its material.

For example, chains that have a special, unique lock that is not common (such as cuban, slide, and button lock chains) are much more expensive than men's chains with a regular lock. So when choosing, if the type of lock is not important to you, it is better to use simple lock chains.

Men's chains with a Cuban lock, due to their rarity and the fact that the lock is welded to the chain, as well as being completely similar to gold, are much more expensive and about 3 times higher than the price of simple lock men's chains.


Cartier men's gold chain price

The prices that can be considered for men's Cartier gold chains are very expensive due to the high price of gold. For example, a 60 cm chain with medium thickness and Cartier design costs at least 60 grams and its approximate price will be over 80 million Tomans.

Cartier men's gold chain photos

In the following, we have prepared images of Cartier men's gold chains for you. Please note that we have many products of the Cartier brand and design, such as Cartier chains and bracelets. Therefore, if you intend to buy men's chains or buy Cartier chains, be sure to visit our store section. The material of the chains that we have available is all steel, and the silver steel color is permanent, and the gold crystals also have a constant color with proper maintenance and use.


Men's necklace

Today, with the increasing growth of the fashion and clothing industry, the most attractive necklaces are also made for men, and the use of accessories is no longer exclusive to women. The gender stereotypes that once existed in fashion (men only wore watches, women wore jewelry) are no longer old beliefs. At Kalai Tek jewelry store, we have provided a variety of beautiful necklaces suitable for men of all tastes. To get started, just visit Kalai Tak website and choose your favorite pendant and chain design from hundreds of beautiful and updated designs so that we can deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Boy's necklace

Everyone is unique, both physically and in terms of aesthetic preferences. In other words, we are not all the same and we do not have the same taste in jewelry. Here, we have provided a variety of men's jewelry, including boys' and men's necklaces, in a wide variety for well-dressed and stylish men. There are men's necklaces (including chains and patterned plaques) in all kinds of simple and special designs, all kinds of gold, silver, black and brown colors and all kinds of different materials.

The price of necklaces for men and boys

The price of boys' and men's necklaces depends on many options. Usually, the beauty and specialness, rarity and uniqueness of a design can make it more expensive than common men's necklaces. Also, the material of the men's necklace and its size and weight will not affect its price. For example, a men's necklace with steel material and a plain pendant (printed) may have a much lower price than the same model with a worked pendant (prominent and double-sided). Men's and boys' necklaces are estimated to cost between 100,000 and 400,000 tomans.

Material and color stability of men's necklaces

Various metals are used in making men's necklaces, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are men's necklaces made of gold, silver, steel, titanium and other imitation metals such as copper and plated iron. We have all kinds of men's necklaces with steel and pendants available at Kalai Tek.

In all jewelry, steel products with silver color, their color is 100% permanent and they do not need any special care and maintenance. But men's golden steel crystals, provided they do not come into contact with chemicals such as cologne, shampoo, and Vitex, their color remains the same, and preferably you should not bathe with them.

What is the price of Cartier men's gold chain in the market? In the following, we will check the price of Cartier men's gold chain and we have prepared pictures of the latest models of this chain for you.

Men's gold necklace

Cartier jewelry has its own special and unique design, and this special design has made it satisfy the taste needs of all people of different age groups and both sexes, men and women. The Cartier brand has sports-style jewelry, and with its extremely reasonable price and beautiful designs, it has gained popularity and many fans all over the world.


Cartier men's gold necklace

The popularity and great variety of Cartier products for women and men, which include Cartier necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, are sold both individually and as sets in the market and are liked by buyers. The high diversity and attractiveness of the Cartier design increases the buyers of this product day by day and has increased its sales tremendously.

Cartier gold is designed and manufactured by a French company that manufactures gold and jewelry. Cartier's main company is located in Paris, France and has many branches around the world. Due to the large number of sellers of this brand, it is possible for everyone to buy this unique design.


Cartier products are designed in geometric shapes and in various chain models, and both women and men can use it due to its elegant design.

Cartier products have a great variety and are made in different thicknesses and lengths. Also, this French brand other than